This patch is sold out. THANKS!


In December 2012 I designed the “End of an era” patch in honor of the German F-4F retirement in june 2013.

Where I received the patches from the manufacturer (Highlander, Greece) in January, all 75 of the limited edition were issued within about a week. Never expected them to be such a huge succes.

I decided to do more with the design. Couldn´t make more patches of it,because it was a limited edition, so I made stickers. I thought they probably would look nice at a real Phantom, so I wrote the commander of Jagdgeschwader 71 (Fighter Wing 71) a letter with my request…and he gave his permission.

I received an invitation for Tuesday February 19th 2013 and they made the F-4F 38+50 (72-1260) available for me for that day. Unfortunately the weather wasn´t very friendly. We had snow, rain and very heavy clouds. So, that is also the quality of the photo´s.

I still thought they were nice enough to share here at my site.

Wittmund 02-2013 01
Wittmund 02-2013 02
Wittmund 02-2013 03
Wittmund 02-2013 04
Wittmund 02-2013 05
Wittmund 02-2013 06
Wittmund 02-2013 07