Let me introduce myself…

I was born in 1967 in Amersfoort. A city in the centre of Holland. There, I lived not too far away from Camp New Amsterdam/Soesterberg Air Base. This was the home of USAFE´s 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron. I spent lots of hours near the fences of this base watching the fighters take-off and land. Instead of sitting in school and concentrate at what the teacher said, usually my thoughts were at the airbase.


In the meanwhile this air base got closed and I moved to Germany because of my work…. , but the “Spotter-virus” is still in me.


During this spotter-time in Holland I started my first aircraft-cartooning attempts. I made drawings for a local spotter magazine, called “J-79” (like the engine) and even made the cover cartoon.










This was somewhere in 1984/´85.


After I joined the army I just did not have that much time anymore to be creative. A very long time I just quit drawing, untill my little accident at work in 12-2010. I broke my ankle and torn the ligaments. I wasn´t allowed to work or even walk and was bored….very bored. At this time I found my pen and paper again and started to do some aircraft cartoons.


Where in 03-2011 a very close friend (F-16 pilot) asked me if I knew somebody who could do a patch design for his unit I told him I could give it a shot….. It took me a few pieces of paper before I was satisfied, but after a while a new patch was born. The “Brothers in arms” patch for the 132 FILO/Turkish Air Force was the start of a complete new chapter of my hobby. In the meanwhile more Air Force units and Air Forces found me and I hardly find time to do more aircraft cartoons (sometimes I just MAKE time for it). Most of the time you see me draw it is because of some new patch design, and I love to do it.











If you asked me in the ´80´s, if (someday) Air Force crews would walk around with patches I designed, I would have laughed out loud. Right now I know better and I am very proud I got the chance to do something for different Air Forces and I hope to do many more in the future. If you/your unit needs a design for a patch, no matter… a serious or a funny one, please contact me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or search for Martien Heijmen at Facebook. Possibly I can help you out. …and now I hope you enjoy watching my cartoons and patch designs at my website.